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I recently attended a concert at the Manchester Arena. Returning to my car I found a flyer under the windscreen wiper of my car. Normally I just screw these things up and throw them away, but for some reason this one caught my eye. It was advertising a new gym in the centre of town, and what caught my eye was the immediate way this flyer spoke to me. It was targeting local people, and what better place to reach a young, affluent market than by placing flyers on car windscreens of people who had attended a concert in central Manchester. The annual membership fee and location was prominent, and there was the additional hook of two free sessions.

I later started to think about this advertising flyer a little more. And I realised it can be such a powerful, yet cost effective, marketing tool. Something so small, cheap and disposable could harness so much power if designed and written in the right way. But there are so many things to consider for the advertiser who wishes to increase sales and interest in their business. The design and message needs to be right. And the location in which the flyers are seen is also important. Afterall, there is no point advertising a night-club at a jumble sale and likewise, no point advertising a jumble sale at a night-club. The print quality obviously needs to be good � how many times have we all seen cheap flyers that look like they were printed at home? They just don't cut the mustard, and, to me, it seems like the advertiser cannot be bothered.

In very small print on the reverse side of this flyer was text saying Designed and printed by'. I decided to look them up and enquire about what goes into getting some flyers produced. �I was impressed with their knowledge, and they were able to answer all my questions in a professional manner.They quickly responded by email with various quotes and delivery information. It was apparent that they really understood the business. They understood that a flyer could make my business money if done right. They wanted to know where the flyer would be distributed, who it was speaking to, and what I wanted the reader to do if they were interested in my services.

Uthara Print Manchester produce flyers in the sizes you would expect A6, A5, A4, but we will also print flyers to bespoke sizes should the need arise.There is also a rising popularity in printing flyers on a heavyweight card these are more durable, and maybe people are more likely to keep them than discard them. By registering a free account with Uthara you are able to get online quotes yourself.

If you need your flyer designed, you could speak to the creative department at Uthara Print Manchester. Our creative team will take your brief, and get to fully understand your requirements before designing a high impact flyer for you.

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