A6 flyers – boosting business

A6 flyers are an excellent, economical and highly effective way to spread your message far and wide. At 105x148mm these A6 leaflets can hold a great deal of information but are an ideal size to slip into a pocket or handbag. As a result, they make ideal street or shopping mall handouts, especially when printed onto sturdy 300gsm or 350gsm card. This handy, yet powerful tool is often used for promoting nightclubs and events.

The invention of vast virtual messaging services has definitely changed the way we all communicate. Yet face-to-face communication is still a fantastic way to interact with potential customers. In many ways printed flyers have one up on digital methods in that they have an immediate effect. Websites, emails and tweets rely on having an interesting enough title for the target market to click on the message in the first place, whereas a flyer is placed straight into a potential customer’s hands and immediately communicates. Advertising is meant to be intrusive, and the flyer is ideal for this purpose. Strategic design will draw eyes to the call to action or the most important information on the flyer.

For a luxurious, high spec finish why not consider having your A6 flyers laminated in either gloss or matt finish. This will help protect your flyer from damage and dramatically increase its lifespan.

At Uthara print Manchester we print literally thousands of flyers every day. Our clients seem to understand their power, and how they can help boost their businesses. They like the way they communicate immediately with the consumer. Coupled with online advertising, the power of the advertising flyer can add to web of communication all successful companies are doing nowadays.

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