A5 flyers are coming out of our ears

At Uthara Print Manchester we print literally hundreds of thousands of flyers every week. You could say we have flyers coming out of our ears. Of all these flyers, the most popular size is the A5 flyer, and for good reason too. It’s not only cost effective to print, it is a familiar, handy size for everyone concerned. The dimensions are 210x148mm, basically A4 cut in half.

So who are all these companies that are printing so many A5 flyers? Nightclubs are advertising their gigs. Students are advertising their end of year shows. Builders are telling local people what their specialisation is. Restaurants are putting bums on seats by enticing people with a voucher for dessert or wine on the house – whilst fitness clubs are helping customers take off the pounds. All of these companies have one thing in common – they understand the power of this small piece of A5 paper.

In simple terms the A5 flyer is a means of telling your audience about your company. This can be in many guises. It can focus on a range of new products that are now available, or it can give discount on products that are not selling well. They can be used with an incentive to buy – for example a discount voucher if you shop online – this then drives an audience to your website. Or they can tell people of changes in your company, for example bigger and better premises. Take-away restaurants may show their menu and focus on some meal deals to attract customers. But whatever the reason, all these flyers are helping build brand awareness for all of these companies.

At the time of writing this article 5000 flyers can be purchased for less than £150 – or a unit price of 3p each. Yes, just 3p per printed sheet, with the power to sell something to the value of £25, £50 or even hundreds of pounds. I think this tiny piece of paper can be a marketing gem if used properly. At Uthara Print Manchester our creative team have designed many flyers for companies over the years. They have great expertise in design and copywriting to help grab the attention of the reader. I recommend you get some advice from them to see the best way forward for your company’s needs.

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