A4 flyers – the Daddy of flyers

Flyers, leaflets, handouts, pamphlets, circulars… even junk mail – these are all terms for a flat printed sheet in a choice of sizes. At Uthara Print Manchester we just call them flyers, but if you call them something else we will understand your language.

The A4 flyers have been around for many years, and in today’s marketplace it is an ever-popular marketing and communication tool. There is no doubt that most of the flyers we see pushed through our letterboxes are A5, A6 or DL sized – however when we receive an A4 flyer we cannot hep but notice it. Now maybe we don’t require that particular service, but the sheer size of an A4 sheet certainly grabs our attention. And this is why smart advertisers choose A4 over other smaller sizes – they simply want to get noticed and want to shout out about what they have to offer. And this is the whole point of advertising is it not.

At Uthara Print Manchester we have one fairly large client that uses the A4 flyer in an ingenious manner. They print one of their magazine ads on one size and use the reverse side to tell the reader more about their company etc. I think this is a particularly great use of a sheet of A4 – using the A4 almost as a magazine ad. I really believe that this is a great way to attract attention. Other clients we have use the A4 because they have a lot of information to tell people – their double-sided flyers are virtually a cut down version of their brochures.

Whatever your requirements, I suggest you contact our creative guys and girls before starting your design work. Ask them to show you some of the flyers they have done in the past – this will enable you to decide how much information to include and how much to leave out.
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