Stickers tell us something important

What is there to say about stickers that we don't know already, I thought to myself when I was asked to write this article? I mean, we all know stickers can be stuck on almost anything and can be almost any size and any shape and of course any colour.

Stickers play a big role in marketing and advertising communication nowadays. Anyone trying to promote a business or organisation should understand the strength of stickers in reaching out to an audience.We mostly see them on retail packaging, and I like the way they work hard for the retailer, attracting the consumer to make a purchase. Some tell us that the product is new, or has been reduced in price. Some tell us of a new item in store. Sometimes they are used to advertise a competition. Nurses give stickers to brave children that have had an injection or stitches. Machinery has stickers to tell me it may be dangerous. Containers have stickers to tell me the ingredients, or give me a warning that the contents may be toxic. New software has a sticker to prove that it is unused.

Uthara Print Manchester print stickers in a variety of sizes, on a variety of materials and are eventually stuck to anything from product packaging to machinery. Just recently we have done small, circular stickers to keep a rather trendy gift box closed and we've also produced stickers for a factory with warning information on them. We print stickers on a roll, or individual crack-back stickers we print stickers on paper or vinyl. Stickers can be circular, oval, square, oblong, triangular in fact they can be any shape you like. One client of ours uses circular or oval stickers approximately 5cm across which they use to stick to their outgoing mail advertising this month's special offer.

We can sum up by saying that stickers are used to convey something important to the viewer a warning or a discount maybe. Most of Uthara Print Manchester's clients use our services for advertising and marketing material flyers, brochures, stationery etc. Maybe the next time you are considering getting a message in front of your clients or prospects you consider the humble sticker to convey this message. Our experienced creative department can help guide you here. Just have a chat with them or send a brief and they will make some suggestion that fit your budget.

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