A6 Promo Cards - The power of A6 promo cards

Promo cards are what they sound like. They are cards that promote your business in a small and direct way. Often these promo cards carry some kind of incentive for the recipient: For example: a discount available today only, or a discount with online purchases. They might be advertising a new restaurant in town where a table of four receives a free bottle of wine, or, they might be advertising gym membership with a 10% discount if you sign up this week. All these marketing incentives work, even if the recipient does not buy this week. In the case of the restaurant, maybe people will make a note of the new restaurant and visit sometime in the future. Advertising and promotion is not only about immediate sales, but also about building a brand for the future.

At Uthara Print Manchester we print our A6 promo cards on 250gsm gloss, or 350 or 400gsm silk material. This material is ideal for promotional advertising because the card is reasonable thick and hopefully something the recipient will hang on to and use in future. A6 is an economical size to print, getting 4 pieces out of an A4 sheet. It is especially a handy size for marketing in high streets and malls.

I like the intrusive nature of giving out promotional cards on the high street. The client is able to engage with their target audience, and the promo card immediately communicates with them. Compare this with online messaging services where the recipient can decide whether to read the message or not depending on whether the subject is compelling enough for them. In this instance the promo card is a very powerful way of communication.

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