A5 promo cards – getting you noticed

At Uthara Print Manchester we print A5 leaflets, A5 flyers and A5 promo cards. So what is a promo card exactly? Well, in a nutshell, it’s a kinda leaflet-cum-flyer that is sometimes referred to as a promo card. To me a promo card is something that is bigger than a business card and smaller than a brochure or leaflet. Promo cards are traditionally printed on a 250 or 350gsm gloss or silk material and this is the way we print them at Uthara.

I see promo cards being given out every time I visit my local high street. They are exactly what they say – Promotional Cards. They are being given out to the passing public advertising the local sports centre, or meal deals at one of the town centre restaurants. You can almost guarantee that these cards will carry some kind of incentive to the consumer. The advertiser wants the consumer to try a new product or service, or wants them to visit a venue in town, or for them to visit a website and get an online discount

At Uthara Print Manchester we print our promo cards on a bright white, durable art paper with a high china clay content. This helps the ink leap off the page and grab attention, which is the whole point of running a promotion. For extra pizzazz the cards can be matt or gloss laminated. This will give them extra durability and hopefully encourage the recipient to keep it for longer.

We have printed many promo cards in the past, so if you are considering a promotional campaign why not speak to us first. We will be happy to send sample and discuss the options available.

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