When Poster Space Is Limited

Leaflets, flyers, brochures and your website may tell a story… but a poster sells the sizzle.

All great posters have 10 words or less, so say advertising experts. And that is why a poster can only tell you part of a story – it whets your appetite, so that you yearn to find out more.

But all too often companies want to fill their posters with too much information. This can backfire on them because a poster has a totally different purpose to a leaflet or flyer. A poster is often seen in passing – on a high street, railway station, and community centre. Therefore, the less information the better, as long as the core message is still there, and people know what to do next – for example, but a ticket, phone or visit a website for further information.

If we look at a local event, maybe music festival or something similar – there is likely to be leaflets and flyers advertising the event, and maybe some radio advertising. Flyers might be given out on the street, or available in shops, or delivered door to door. There may also be posters for these events. However, there is no way all the information can be contained on the poster. Therefore, the poster may contain an attractive headline and indicate a little about the festival. There would be contact details and information about tickets, and there may also be a line of text that says, “For further information go to our website” or similar.

At Uthara Print Manchester we print our A3 posters on 130gsm gloss art paper. This paper is ideal for printing posters. The high china clay content and gloss finish helps the image jump off the page.

For clients requiring poster design work, we recommend they speak to our creative team. They will be able to show samples of previous work, and help the client decide what are the key messages to focus on. I consider this stage in the process very important, as everyone wants their poster to get noticed and work for them.

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