A2 Posters Printing - Cut Down On the Clutter in Your Posters

Posters are simple to design arenít they? One big sheet of paper gives the designer plenty of space to create. They are printed one side only and have no folds, so there is no discussion about what to put on what side of the page or fold. Simple, right? I would say that you are wrong with this assumption.

Letís look at how we produce a standard A2 advertising poster for a local event. The poster is going to appear in shop windows, sports centres, libraries and other public spaces. This A2 poster will be printed on high quality 130gsm gloss art paper. This bright white paper with a high gloss finish is the ideal material for printing posters. The image literally leaps off the page. The colours are strong and vibrant. A5 flyers and DL leaflets are already designed for the weekend event, and to produce a poster is a cinch Ė we can just blow up the front of the flyer to create the poster. Agreed, this is possible, and it would fit, but the flyer contains a lot of information. There is simply too much information and a poster really only needs the main message. Posters are viewed by people on the move and therefore need to garb your attention immediately.

The solution

Therefore we take our flyer, and remove anything that is unnecessary. Hopefully this will leave us with the main theme, one large, arresting image, plus we have branding, contact information and a prominent call to action. A good designer can now turn this into a strong piece of communication that will hopefully turn heads.

At Uthara Print Manchester, we want clients to get results from their print, thatís why we are so happy to give advice and find out more about them. The more we know, the more we can offer and advise clients. We want to build long-lasting business relationships. Not many printers will tell you this, but we believe that the most important element of print is the design.
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  See printing prices only. I do not wish to pay design charges, I will supply a print ready pdf file with bleed in CMYK format.

  I need help with design, I will provide details for the designer. See design fee with printing charges.

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