Great Posters Have 10 Words Or Less

At Uthara Print Manchester our A1 posters are printed on high quality 130gsm gloss art paper. This bright white paper with a high gloss finish is the ideal material for printing posters. The image literally leaps off the page. The colours are strong and vibrant. The job of a poster is to get noticed, and for people to react to the message.

As my headline informs us – “Great posters have 10 words or less”. If this sounds like advertising mumbo jumbo, you are probably right, but this slogan about the poster is very true indeed. Good creative ad agencies can create a poster with very minimal information, yet the message still gets through. An A1 poster is a large enough size to attract attention for sure – but how do you go about designing a poster? What should be included, and what should be left out? This is where the Uthara Print Manchester design team is called into action.

The most important part in the production of any poster is the design. The print part of our job is almost a formality – we are a high quality print company, and the paper we print on is also of the highest standards. Therefore the printing part is totally dependent on the design and artwork we receive.

Clients that consult our design team are in for a rocky ride. The first question is likely to be, “what do you want your poster to say?” The second question will be, “okay fine, what can we cut out?” Subsequent questions will continue to probe you to remove more unnecessary information. No design work will start til the designer is happy about the content. Our design team is aiming for four things – a short, snappy headline, and maybe subhead – a logo – an interesting image or graphic – and finally a call to action. Only then can the design work commence.

At Uthara Print Manchester we want print to work hard for our clients. We want our clients to get a return on their investment with increased sales and awareness. And this is why we are really happy to offer advice to clients and understand their needs. And it is for this reason that businesses choose Uthara.

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