A0 posters printing – when you need to shout!

Advertising agencies are experts at producing great eye-catching posters. Well chosen words, strong branding and a memorable image are what make a memorable poster. I have heard it said that all great posters have ten words or less.

When clients consider printing posters my advice is to choose the biggest poster for the venue. My reason for this is that posters need to SHOUT. At Uthara Print Manchester we print A3, A2, A1 and A0 posters. A0 is the biggest at 840x1180mm. We have one client who has A0 posters printed for its shop window. I know the high street where their shop is, and the poster certainly shouts – it is easily visible from across the street. They do not have to pay for advertising space either because it is in their own window. Having seen their poster I am sure that this attracts business to their store on a daily basis.

If you are considering producing some posters, I really recommend you consult our creative team first. The art of producing a great poster is not as easy as it first seems. The trick is to decide what elements to leave out – after all, a poster is normally seen whilst people are passing, and must therefore work immediately. “Less is more” is definitely a true statement when it comes to describing the successful poster. Many clients want to fill their posters with too much information, and this will simply work against them. Viewers will not be able to cut through the clutter and the main message will get lost in translation.

Our posters are printed on 130gsm gloss material. The gloss finish means the print has a vibrant look making the message “pop” out of the poster.

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