Plastic cards have many uses

Nowadays the use of plastic cards is seemingly endless. I have one in my wallet for the tennis club membership, and also my gym membership. I have a library card, and also a supermarket privilege card. And on frosty mornings one of these cards doubles as a perfect ice scraper for my car windscreen.

When I stay at a hotel on business my door key is now a card with a magnetic strip. My child's bus pass is also a plastic card which carrys her photo the magnetic strip allows us top up the card with cash so that she does not have to worry about carrying bus fare.

At Uthara Print Manchester we produce plastic cards in one standard size only 86x54mm. This is the same size as credit cards. All cards come with rounded corners. Different thicknesses of plastic can be used from 450 micron up to 1000 micron. The most popular thickness, 760 micron, is the same thickness as that used for credit cards. Cards can be printed in spot colour or full colour and can be printed both sides. They can carry signature strips, magnetic strips, barcodes, they can be numbered and also have an ID photo on them. So if your company needs plastic cards for whatever reason, it's best to discuss your requirements with us first before placing an order. We can send out sample cards to you, to see what other companies use cards for. If you are selecting the option with a magnetic strip we will send out samples to ensure these work for your requirements.

Some plastic card print companies supply cards made with a compressed card core. This does reduce cost, but unfortunately makes the cards less durable. We believe this is a false economy, and therefore don�t supply these types of card, and never will.

At Uthara Print Manchester we regularly print plastic business cards for one client. They simply prefer their business cards to be on plastic than the traditional cards ones. They believe they have a nicer quality than regular business cards, and that people are more likely to keep a plastic business card.

If you or your company think you may have a use for plastic cards, talk to us first. We will be able to give sound advice on what can be done and the costs attributed to your requirements. Our design team can help set up the artwork for you too.

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