Keyring Torches

Promotional Flashlight Keyrings provide a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand with a novel and highly practical product. Our flashlight keyrings are high quality, durable products that won’t be consigned to the bin like some other cheap promotional products. Your brand will continue to get exposure.
We have a range of these handy mini torches in different styles. They perform very well as flashlights despite their diminutive size. We also stock flat oval-shaped key lights which will fit neatly into a person’s pocket or wallet.
Another very popular product is our 'Flexible light' which has a very bright light while its magnetised base is very useful for keeping the light in position. If you’re looking for something a little bit different why not consider a ‘combination’ key light and help people recognise your brand as one which stands out from the crowd? For example, we have Magnifier Key Lights, Multi-Tool Keylights, Tyre Gauge Keylights, Keylight & Stylus just to name a few.
Or how about our Nano Locator Keychain? This amazing product which simply clips to your keyring or keychain will ensure your keys will never get lost in the dark. Fully charged it will glow for 6-8 hours, recharging itself when exposed to light! Who isn’t going to be impressed with a product like this and when personalised with your brand it will make a lasting impression on the recipient.
You can be assured also that the print quality on these key lights will be to a very high standard as we implement very stringent quality control standards in our factories. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction or your money back.
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