Folded leaflets when you have a lot to say

The world of print is a complex one, I am sure you all agree. It seems there are endless choices available to the consumer some would say there are too many choices. So far we have discussed the world of leaflets, flyers and postcards all of these are single, unfolded sheets of paper or card that come in a variety of sizes, and are usually printed both sides for maximum effect.

So what about folded leaflets? Well this is fairly straightforward with all the sizes in flyers available as folded leaflets. In other words, you can choose A4 folded to A5, A3 folded to A4 and A5 folded to A6 for a small folded leaflet. Another popular format is the A4 folded to DL leaflet. This is a standard sheet of A4 with two folds at one-third and two-thirds along the long edge. This gives a DL sized leaflet with six pages to work with. These are very common across all business sectors. It gives a front and back cover and gives customers an A4 page in the centre to work with. In fact, I would say that this is a great alternative to a full-scale brochure. Another great and very popular use for these A4 folded to DL leaflets is as take-away menus the kind that we all get posted through our doors on a regular basis. This format is absolutely ideal for this purpose, with a dedicated front cover selling the restaurant, with plenty of room inside for quite an extensive menu.

Another area where you see folded leaflets being used is at exhibitions. They are ideal to give away to anyone who shows an interest in your business. They are usually a convenient size for a person to keep whilst they are at the exhibition, as they are not too large or cumbersome.

In general, folded leaflets are used when we have more to say than a standard double-sided flyer would allow. I consider flyers as mini ads, whereas I consider a folded leaflet of whatever size a mini brochure. These are not ads as they carry too much information. They are ideal for showing a sample range of products, or a take-away menu, or details of club memberships. One page, or part of one page can be dedicated to an application form, and at Uthara print Manchester we recommend that this tear off piece be perforated for ease of use.

At Uthara Print Manchester we will happily print a bespoke sized folded leaflet if you desire. For example we find that square sizes are very popular. These are slightly different to the norm, and clients use these sizes to stand out from the crowd and look different. Popular sizes are 150mm square and 210 mm square, although we are happy to consider any sizes that clients have in mind for their marketing material.

At Uthara Print Manchester we recommend you speak to our design team about the different ways a folded leaflet could be utilised. There are so many options available that we think it a good idea to speak to one of our experts.

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