A5 folded to a6 leaflets – small is beautiful

The choice in folding styles and sizes of leaflets is immense – with so much choice for the end user. At Uthara Print Manchester we print literally tens of thousands of leaflets every week. And it is true they come in many sizes and formats. But all of these differences are there for a reason. All clients have different things to say. All clients want to appear different. All want to leave a lasting memory, and above all deliver their message in the most appropriate way for their business.

At Uthara Print Manchester we have some clients that use 4-page A6 leaflets, or A5 folded to A6 as they are often referred to. Some of you reading this may think that this size is so small it is hardly worth folding. And agreed, with half the surface area of a 6-page Dl leaflet, it does seem like these clients really don’t have much to say. But this is obviously not the case, as one of these clients will testify. This particular client prints huge quantities of these leaflets three or four time per year. This is a cost effective size to print, and is cheaper than 5-page DL or 4-page A5. They use the small space to their advantage, and it obviously works for them otherwise they would not continue spending money on print on such a regular basis.

Part of the reason we have so many standard sizes available is to make sure our clients have as many choices as possible available to them. Some clients think big and go for A3 4-page leaflets, whilst others choose to go small. As we all know advertising and marketing is difficult to gauge success – clients have their viewpoints and we give them many choices. If we are asked about a certain format that we don’t normally consider part of our standard range, we bow to customer opinion and add it to our portfolio.

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