6-page DL leaflets

A very common mini brochure or leaflet is the A4 folded to DL. This very popular format can carry a lot of information and is an ideal size for mailing through the post, and also is a common size for display purposes. It is also cost effective to print, as it is a simple A4 sheet folded twice to one-third A4. Hotel foyers are a very popular display point for this format of leaflet their display shelving is made to take only this shape of flyer or brochure. So consider where you might be displaying your flyers before you decide on what shape or size of flyer you will print.

A4 folded to DL leaflets are widely used by many sectors of business from banking, insurance, health clubs, tourist and family entertainment venues, and so on. Often the last inside page is used for an application form, and if required, this can be perforated for ease of use.

This very popular sized leaflet is often termed as a mini brochure. In essence there are four pages to work with, plus a dedicated front and back page. There is scope to make the design exciting and flamboyant, yet still plenty of space to say what you want. For exhibitions it is an ideal size to give away because it is a manageable size to carry

How to prepare your artwork

A4 size is 210x297mm. If folded in three this will give a final size of 210x99mm. However, at Uthara Print Manchester we recommend that the folds are placed 100mm from the left land edge and 98mm from the right hand edge. This will give three pages from left to right with sizes of 100mm, 99mm and 98mm that still totals 297mm. The cover page will be slightly wider thus making sure that the job is finished neatly without any page underneath showing.

There is no doubt that the A4 folded to DL leaflet is one of the most common formats in print today. It is highly versatile, cost-effective to print and a familiar size to all of us. It is a relatively cheap and easy way to advertise your business without the need for a full on corporate brochure.

Speak to our design team at Uthara Print Manchester to see how they can add some spark to your print work. With print being such a powerful media it is important to make the most of the space and ensure your print works hard for you.

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