A4 Z-fold leaflets

In previous article I wrote about A4 folded to DL leaflets. This leaflet is exactly the same as that, with the only difference being the style of folding. The standard folding for an A4 folded to DL leaflet is a roll fold where both pages fold inwards. This variant called the Z-fold because one page folds up, and the other folds down, so from the side profile we see a Z shape.

But is there a real need for this kind of folding? At Uthara Print Manchester we believe the answer is, yes, of course there is! A Z-fold leaflet works extremely well for dual language work because you can create two covers. Imagine a leaflet that needs to be done in English and Arabic, or English and Chinese. The front cover opening to the left can be the English cover. When opened you will see two pages to view that can be in English. If you then turn the leaflet over long ways (vertically) the back page becomes the front for Arabic and will open to the right, and then the two pages to view will hold the Arabic text. This format works beautifully for work of this nature. But this is not the only use for this format. Many clients just prefer the Z-fold style to the roll-fold style it is simply a matter of preference. Although there is no doubt for work that is in English only the roll-fold iod the preferred format.

So to sum up, is it roll-fold or Z-fold? Well the best way to answer this is to ask our designers at Uthara Print Manchester. They will have designed work for both options, and will be able to send samples for you to see for yourself.

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