A4 folded to A5 leaflets – an every day leaflet.

As we are all aware, there are leaflets, and there are leaflets, and there are leaflets. It seems there is a multitude of sizes, some folded, some not, some on light paper, some on heavyweight paper. But why are there so many choices available for something that basically does the same job? In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of selecting an A4 folded to A5 leaflet. This is often referred to as a 4-page A5 leaflet in the print industry.

The 4-page A5 leaflet (or A4 folded to A5 leaflet) is exactly what it says. You take a piece of A4 paper, fold in half on the long length and you will get four pages of A5 – a cover, a back and two inside pages. But why is this format so popular with clients? At Uthara Print Manchester we print literally tens of thousands of these every single week, so we believe that this common format is a format that is cost effective and, most importantly, works well.

At Uthara Print Manchester, the preferred paper stock for these leaflets is 170gsm or 250gsm gloss or silk. We also print on 130, 350 and 400gsm materials. I believe the 130gsm is a little lightweight – whilst the 350 and 400gsm variants are fine, and if you need the leaflet to stand up on a table or bar it will do with ease. Obviously the finish (gloss or silk) and the weight is dependant on client requirements. If you want the recipient to hopefully keep the leaflet, then a heavier weight material may help this, whilst something too lightweight may result in the leaflet being seen as throwaway material.

With an A5 sized front cover, I see this as being used as something to “hook” the viewer with a strong advertising message. The two centre pages can be utilised to expand on the sales message, and the back cover can be a sum up and maybe have a cal to action.

Our design teams at Uthara print Manchester have great experience in putting together design work for 4-page A5 leaflets. I suggest you speak with them prior to finalizing you artwork. They will be happy to offer advice and show you some samples of pervious jobs.

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