A3 Folded To A4 Leaflets

When we think of a folded leaflet, we probably consider the 4-page A4 the benchmark. The finished size being A4 is standard across so many items of print – for example, corporate brochures and letterheads – it just seems to fit right with so many items of business print.

The finished size of A4 may seem rather obvious to some, but there are good reasons for this. A4 leaflets fit perfectly well into oversized A4 folders – this is one of their common uses. Imagine a company that regularly sends out folders with a covering letter and quotation – this is an ideal situation to include a 4-page leaflet on a new product range, or an updated price list, or even a company newsletter.

Many companies produce newsletters, and nowadays these are often viewed as pdf files – but there is the still a need to print for some companies. By mailing a printed newsletter is says a lot more about your company than only having it available online. It says, that you care more about your readership, and that you are prepared to spend more to keep in touch.

A newsletter is a brilliant way of informing people about changes in your company – new products, new personnel, offers, and so on. Often companies produce these three or four times a year, and a typical print run is 1000. This means that the costs are kept quite low, yet what a great way of giving out a lot of varied information about your company’s progress and cahneg over the last two or three months.

At Uthara print Manchester we have four weights of paper in either silk or gloss for clients to choose from – weights are 130, 170, 250 and 350gsm. In my opinion the 170gsm is the most popular weight.

If you are interested in producing a newsletter, I suggest you speak to our creative team. They will have samples of similar jobs and be able to hep guide you through the process.

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