A2 Folded To A3 Leaflets When Size Matters.

At Uthara Print Manchester we print literally tens of thousands of leaflets every week of the year. Our popular formats are A4 folded to A5 and 6-page DL. There is no doubt that the A2 folded to A3 is rarely requested yet this oversized baby does have its uses.

When companies want to make a big impact this format is the ideal way to do it. Similar to broadsheet size when folded, yet when opened out gives you an A2 poster. This titanic piece doubles as a poster too. Because of its large size I recommend printing these on a 250 or 350gsm material anything lighter and it will be just too flimsy. The lightest I would go would be for a 170gsm material.

I have seen leaflets of this size used at events, exhibitions and fashion shows. The sheer size of the communication makes a big splash and certainly makes a statement. You might say the are hard to ignore. So for a new product launch, carrying big imagery of the new product, this size is ideal, if rather cumbersome. But when you want to make a splash, what better way to do it. Combine this with posters and banners and your launch event is certainly going to be remembered and this is the whole idea behind advertising, especially when introducing something new into the market.

As I said earlier, this format is not an everyday purchase from Uthara Print Manchester, but maybe it should be more commonplace. If you are considering a big splash on a new product or service and are probably considering a 4-page A4 or A5 job, I suggest you consider this leviathan. Maybe upsizing is right for the job you have in mind. If you are unsure, why not consult our creative team and see what they recommend.

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250 £ 235.20
500 £ 288.40
1000 £ 392.00
2000 £ 590.80
5000 £ 1,105.65
10000 £ 1,970.80
15000 £ 2,737.50
20000 £ 3,558.75
25000 £ 3,687.50
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