Square business cards � just to be different

In today�s competitive marketplace companies will go to any lengths to be different. Being different is what makes us stand out from the crowd. At Uthara Print Manchester we print many styles of cards to help clients look a little different. And now we have introduced square business cards as an extra choice in our portfolio.

So why is there a need for square cards? It seems to make no sense, after all the standard business card at 55x85mm is small enough � it fits nicely into a wallet, and seems to be just the right size. Our square cards at 65mm square are smaller, and on first glance seem to small to do the job properly. But this assumption would be wrong. Imagine a company that has a square or circular logo (and many do) � the format for these cards is absolutely ideal. The front side can simply contain the logo, whilst the back can hold the contact information. This would look stylish and modern, and fit very well with the company branding.

Even though we refer to these as �Square business cards� they do not have to be solely used for this purpose. We have one client that uses these as mini ads. They exhibit at exhibitions throughout the year and have cards printed for each exhibition. Each card carries a different voucher code so that the company can trace from which exhibition the responses came from. Other uses are endless � these square cards could be used as price tickets in stores. They could be used as vouchers in an advertising campaign. They could be used as tickets for a student gig. The list goes on.

At Uthara Print Manchester our in-house design team can advise you and help with your design and artwork. They will have samples of previous work they have done which can be mailed to you. This will help you decide which is the best way forward.

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