Spot UV business cards, adding a touch of class

The humble business card has come a long way in the last twenty years. It used to be the case that business cards were only printed one side only. It was a breakthrough when companies started using the backside for better effect. Nowadays, we see other special finishes on business cards. One of the most popular of these is Spot UV.

So what is Spot UV? It all sounds pretty space age doesn’t it? Yet this technique is not very complex at all. The process utilises UV light to “cure” a varnish that is applied to paper or card material. This varnish seals in the colour and adds shine to the finished job. The word “spot” means that a selected area or areas can be treated. For example, a logo or image could be Spot UVed giving it a high shine and more prominence.

A typical job for Spot UV business cards would be to matt laminate the cards both sides after printing, and then apply the Spot UV to selected areas, or sometimes the whole of one side. This will then give a really nice contrast between the matt and the high gloss area. At Uthara Print Manchester we can achieve the Spot UV finish with or without matt laminating – the decision is up to the client. However, my personal preference is to matt laminate, and then Spot UV an area.

There is no doubt that this kind of finish added to your business cards will give them a premium and high quality feel. When people comment on your high quality, well-designed cards this means that the card has done its job. You have left a memory with whoever made this comment.

To better understand how using Spot UV can add to your business card, we suggest you speak to our design team. They will be able to interpret your brief and deliver a high-end creative solution. At Uthara Print Manchester we can post out samples of cards that use Spot UV – just contact us for a sample pack.

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