Folded business cards creating more space to talk

There was a time about fifteen years or so ago when folded business cards were all the rage. It seemed such a good idea to create a 4-page card to give out to people. Not only did these cards carry your contact details and branding, but also the additional two sides gave clients plenty of scope to say more about their business. A 4-pager that fitted in a wallet what a fantastic idea.

The popularity of these folded business cards certainly has dwindled probably due to the affordable availability of other finishes like gloss and matt lamination and spot UV varnish. But I believe there is still a real need for this style of card. We need all to remember that our business needs to sell when we are not present. Therefore the card needs to sell your business really well. It needs to convey the brand in a positive manner, look professional, and say something about the business. So imagine a folded 4-page card with the front dedicated to the brand mark and contact details the back could have a mission statement or slogan, and the two inner pages could contain one or two photographs, product images or sales images. This now starts to say a lot more about your business.

Another great use for folded cards is as appointment cards. My wife visits a beauty salon and I see that their card is folded. The front page looks like a traditional card with branding, contact details etc, whist the back page is utilised for showing appointments. The centre two pages focus on treatments available and the beauty brands they carry. I have never been there, but from the card I can tell that this is a business that offers a great deal. The fact that they have gone to extra lengths to elaborate on their brand tells me that they are a go-ahead company, and that they like to think different. The design is professional and what you would expect from a company that specializes in high end beauty treatments.

So how best to design a 4-page business card? There seem to be so many options. At Uthara Print Manchester our in-house design team can advise you and help with your design and artwork. They will have samples of previous work they have done which can be mailed to you. This will help you decide which is the best way forward.
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